Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual credit cards from are a strong, safe, and private way to pay. They are just as easy to use as regular debit cards, but they don’t store your personal information or need to be reloaded, so you can use them without anyone knowing. You can get card from banks in the US and Canada. It’s a great Visa or Mastercard for people who care about their privacy. cards can only be bought digitally online, so they can’t be used in shops or at ATMs. They can only be used for online purchases, the registration process, and verification. Because of this, when you buy a card, you won’t get a physical one. Instead, you’ll only be able to access your card information online.

You don’t have to prove who you are to register on, so you can stay anonymous and keep your data safe. You do not have to send any paperwork with your name or address on it; when you apply for the card, you can use any name, alias, or Canadian home address. You can be sure that your privacy will be protected at all times when you use this powerful virtual credit card to shop online.

To protect your privacy as much as possible, we let you buy our cards using anonymous payment ways. This means that will not need to see any of your personal information. You can be sure that every step is safe and protected with this protection in place.

Sure thing! Our virtual cards are compatible with PayPal account authentication worldwide. Make sure you register your card first. Keep in mind that certain countries, like the UK, Germany, Israel, Romania, and Sweden, have their own requirements that demand ID verification before a transaction can be finalized.

Of course! Virtual cards from the US and Canada can be used to make payments in any currency, since USD and CAD will quickly change into the currency of the payment.

Yes, You can withdraw money from to cardvcc accounts balance and then you can transfer it to your crypto wallet.

You will receive your virtual cards immediately.


Yes, our all-card reload feature. You can reload money to your card from the dashboard.

It’s as easy as creating an account on our website, making a cryptocurrency deposit, and then getting a card right away.



Not matter where you are in the world, you can buy our cards! As soon as you make a successful online payment, your cards will be sent to you. Almost everywhere in the world takes Visa and Mastercard, so it’s easy to use our card. You can be sure that this list is very short because there are very few countries that do not accept these kinds of payments or have restrictions on them.

Validity periods range from 1 year to 2 year, depending on the card type you’re buying.

You can set any billing address from dashboard but must need valid address.



Our cards provide the same functionality as Visa or Mastercard prepaid bankcards, accepting payments virtually anywhere online. Websites such as PayPal, AlertPay, CCBill, iBill, eBay and Google Checkout accept our card just like any other prepaid credit card. In addition to these popular platforms; eFax , iTunes US , Mcafee , Moneybookers US , Norton Anti Virus Facebook Yahoo Skype and GoDaddy also recognize our product for safe purchases.

It’s always possible to check your card amount and statement on our website dashboard.


Of course! It is okay to give refunds. You can only get the money back on the card you used to pay, though. After the refund is handled, you should see the money added back to your account within a few business days. Make sure you have enough time between now and when your card expires before you ask for a return. If you don’t, you might lose any reimbursement money that you haven’t spent by the time the card expires.


We do not have any special discounts offered at this time. you can contact with us.

Yes. Our refund policy says that you can get a full refund of the card’s face value within one month of the buy date as long as it hasn’t been used in any way.

Our helpful support team is here to guide you and answer any questions.