Soundcloud Inc New York NY Charge on Credit Card

“Soundcloud Inc New York NY” charge on a credit card indicates a transaction made with SoundCloud, a music streaming service based in New York City. SoundCloud Inc New York NY is a charge that may appear on your credit card statement, which indicates that you made a transaction with the popular music streaming service.

Soundcloud Inc New York NY Charge on Credit Card

Founded in 2007, SoundCloud allows users to upload, promote, and share their created music, podcasts, and other audio content. With over 76 million registered users, SoundCloud is a popular choice for creators and listeners. The platform offers free and paid subscription options, allowing users to explore a vast catalog of audio content and support their favorite creators.

If you have recently made a transaction with SoundCloud and are unsure of the charge on your statement, SoundCloud customer service is available to assist with any inquiries.

The Soundcloud Platform

Soundcloud Inc, based in New York, NY, is a popular music streaming platform known for its vast collection of user-generated content. If you see a Soundcloud charge on your credit card, it’s likely a subscription fee.

Soundcloud is a well-known platform that allows its users to upload, promote, and share audio files. The platform is perfect for independent artists, podcasters, and bands who want to share their music. With over 76 million registered users, Soundcloud has become one of the most popular music-sharing platforms around the world. When you see Soundcloud Inc New York NY charge on your credit card, it means you have signed up for one of the paid plans on Soundcloud.

Features And Services

Soundcloud offers various services and features that make it an attractive platform for creators and music enthusiasts. Some of the features of Soundcloud include: -an easy-to-use interface that allows users to upload, share, and promote their music seamlessly. – A large community of music enthusiasts and creators, making it easier for creators to get discovered. – User-friendly analytics that provide insights into the performance of the audio file. – Mobile apps that allow users to access Soundcloud on the go. – Multiple plans that cater to the specific needs of creators.

User Experience

Soundcloud focuses on providing an excellent user experience. They understand the importance of delivering a fast and responsive platform that allows creators to upload and share their music quickly. The platform provides users with a clean and straightforward user interface that is easy to navigate. Also, Soundcloud ensures that users’ data is secure.

Soundcloud has become an integral part of the music-sharing industry, providing creators with a platform that allows them to share their music with the world. With various features and services, Soundcloud makes it easier for creators to get discovered by a wider audience, providing an exceptional user experience.

Soundcloud Payment System

If you are a Soundcloud user, you may have seen or received a charge on your credit card from Soundcloud Inc. located in New York, NY. This charge may have confused some users who were not aware of the SoSoundCloudayment system. In this blog post, we will go over the available options and security measures in place to ensure the safety of Soundcloud users’ payment information.

Available Options

Soundcloud offers a variety of subscription plans for users to choose from depending on their listening preferences. These plans include:

Plan NameDescriptionPrice
FreeThe premium plan offers unlimited access to Soundcloud’s library and more advanced features for creators$0
ProA mid-tier plan that offers ad-free listening and more upload time for creators$7/month
Pro UnlimitedThe premium plan that offers unlimited access to Soundcloud’s library and more advanced features for creators$15/month

Users can choose to pay for their subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. The charges may appear on their credit card statement as Soundcloud Inc. New York NY or a variation of that.

Security Measures

Soundcloud has implemented several security measures to protect users’ payment information. These measures include:

  • HTTPS encryption on all pages that involve payment information
  • PCI-DSS compliance, which is a set of security standards established by the major credit card companies to protect against credit card fraud
  • Two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to users’ accounts
  • Regular security audits and vulnerability testing

With these security measures in place, users can trust that their payment information is safe and secure when using the Soundcloud payment system.

Soundcloud Inc. NY NYarges On Credit Card

Soundcloud Inc., based in New York, may appear as a charge on your credit card statement. It is a popular music-sharing and streaming platform that offers both free and paid subscription services for users worldwide.

Soundcloud Inc

If you’re a music enthusiast, you might be using Soundcloud, one of the leading music-sharing platforms today. Due to its popularity, you may come across a charge from Soundcloud Inc. on your credit card. However, there may be instances when you see Soundcloud Inc. NY charges on your billing statement that aren’t familiar to you. In this article, we’ll look at the common reasons for these charges and how to identify and dispute unauthorized charges.

Common Reasons For Charges

It’s important to note that Soundcloud operates as a subscription-based service, which means that you may see charges on your credit card when your subscription renews. If you’ve signed up for a Soundcloud account’s monthly Pro or Pro Unlimited service, the platform will automatically renew your subscription every month and bill the amount to your credit card. Other reasons for charges may include Soundcloud’s advertisement campaigns or purchases on Soundcloud Go, their premium on-demand streaming service.

How To Identify Unauthorized Charges

While it’s normal to see charges from Soundcloud for monthly subscription renewals, you should be aware of unauthorized charges on your credit card. Unauthorized charges can be an indicator of fraud or data theft. It’s crucial to review your billing statement regularly to spot suspicious charges from Soundcloud. Some indicators of unauthorized charges include billings that are not monthly or quarterly, amounts that don’t match your subscription or charges that you didn’t make.

How To Dispute Charges

If you see unauthorized charges on your credit card from Soundcloud, it’s necessary to take immediate action by disputing them. Firstly, contact Soundcloud’s customer support to see if the charges are legitimate. If they’re unauthorized, you can dispute them with your credit card company by calling their helpline or visiting their official website. Provide a detailed explanation of the charges and include any supporting documents to ensure that your dispute is processed promptly.

Seeing Soundcloud Inc. NY charges on your billing statement may not always be a cause for concern. Renewing your Soundcloud subscription and purchasing Soundcloud Go may result in legitimate Soundcloud Inc. NY charges. However, it’s important to review your billing statement regularly to spot any unauthorized charges and take appropriate action to protect your finances.

Tips For Staying Safe While Using Soundcloud

If you’re a Soundcloud user, it’s important to be mindful of potential security threats that can arise from unauthorized charges on your credit card. While Soundcloud Inc New York NY charges may be legitimate in some cases, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Using Strong Passwords

One of the best ways to protect your account from unauthorized access is to use a strong, complex password. Avoid using easily guessable passwords such as your name, birthdate, or common words. Instead, use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long and don’t reuse the same password across multiple accounts.

Immediately Reporting Suspicious Activity

If you notice any suspicious activity on your Soundcloud account, such as unauthorized charges on your credit card, it’s important to act quickly. Contact Soundcloud’s customer support team right away to report the issue and get assistance in securing your account. The faster you catch and report any potential security breaches, the better your chances of minimizing the damage.

Overall, staying safe while using Soundcloud is all about being proactive and taking steps to protect your personal information. By using strong passwords and staying vigilant for signs of unauthorized activity, you can enjoy all the benefits of SSoundCloudwithout putting yourself at risk.

Soundcloud Inc Charge on Credit Card

Frequently Asked Questions Of Soundcloud Inc New York NY Charge on Credit Card

Why Am I Getting Charged By Soundcloud?

SoundCloud may charge you for a subscription or for purchasing additional features. It’s important to review your account settings and billing information to understand the charges.

What Does Soundcloud Charge?

SoundCloud offers a free plan with limited features and storage space. SoundCloud Pro is available for $6/month and adds more upload time and advanced features. SoundCloud Go costs $9. 99/month and provides access to premium tracks and offline listening. SoundCloud Go+ costs $12. 99/month and provides access to the full catalog offline.

How Do I Cancel My Soundcloud Subscription And Get Money Back?

To cancel your SoundCloud subscription and get a refund, you must contact SoundCloud’s customer support within 14 days of your purchase. You will be asked to provide your order number and reason for cancellation. SoundCloud will process the ur refund and cancel your subscription within 30 days.

How Do I Remove My Card From Soundcloud?

To remove your card from SoundCloud, log in to your account, click on your profile picture, select “Settings,” then “Payments & Subscriptions. ” Under “Payment Method,” choose “Remove Card” and follow the prompts to confirm the removal.


After a detailed exploration of Soundcloud Inc, it is clear that the New York NY charge on credit card statements is legitimate. While some may be skeptical of charges that they don’t recognize, Soundcloud remains a popular platform for music and audio enthusiasts, and users can rest assured that their funds are being used for their intended purpose. As with any situation involving credit card charges, it is always important to monitor statements and stay informed.

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